Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas from the Kinsey Family!

Merry Christmas from the Kinsey Family!

2012 Christmas Card
2012 Year in Review (Additional to the Christmas Card)
Year in Review Photos:
First Row: 
1) Gracie loved playing with her Aunt Debbie's miniature poodle.
2) I love the pigtails in her hair!
3) Happy 2nd Birthday!
4) Playing with Play-Doh with Mia
5) Keeping it cool during a photoshoot with Mama.  (Look closely and you'll see me in the sunglasses.)
Second Row: 
6) "What's that a noise?" (train going by the Collierville Square
7) Fun at Mud Island!
8) That's my pretty girl!  She was holding her little friend newborn Baby Drew.
9) Happy 4th of July!
10) Happy Fall!
Third Row:
11) Feeding the goat at Cedar Hill Farms
12) Vacation with Daddy
13) Vacation with Mama
14) Gracie loves her PawPaw!
15) Decorating her very own Christmas tree!

I spent HOURS on prepping and designing this year's card.  I'll spare you the details, but let's just say, I will try my best to start the process earlier next year!

These four pictures did not make it on the final card.  I think they show my daughter's happy, mischievous spirit quite well!

Climbing on the Railing surrounding the Santa area.

I got her to play Peek-a-Boo to make her laugh.

My original design to fit on a 4x9 postcard.  This is the front.
 Photos that didn't make the final design:
First row, second photo: Gracie and Mama in church nursery
Second row, second photo: Gracie fell asleep reading one of our favorite books Llama, Llama, Red Pajama
Second row, third photo:  Gracie loved playing the basketball game at Incredible Pizza.

My original design to fit on a 4x9 postcard.  This is the back.  I decided to go a little more simple.
Photos that didn't make the final design:
First Row:
2nd photo: Gracie's first plane ride!  We survived with soda, baby, Pooh, and movies!
6th photo: Lovely portrait at Cedar Hill Farm (the pumpkin patch!)
Second Row:
1st photo:  Making stars for the Fourth of July!
3rd photo:  Yummy ice cream at the Memphis Zoo!
6th photo: Helping Daddy!!
Third Row:
1st photo:  Gracie met the Chick-Fil-A cow (who was played by our pastor's son Ryan)
2nd photo:  Our neighbors very kindly gave us their old playset which Gracie loves to play on.
3rd photo:  Gracie loved going to pick apples at the apple orchard!
4th photo:  "C'm'ere, puppy!"  Gracie loved playing with PawPaw's puppy Buster!

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