Saturday, January 26, 2013

Blog Post Roundup (1/26/2013) and Featured Blog of the Week

Here are a few posts I thought y'all might like to read.

What are You Waiting For? @ Living Life with the Loves

Encouragement in the Trenches @ The Better Mom

46 Reasons My Three Year Old Might be Freaking Out @ Jason Good (I do not follow this blog, but I read about this article somewhere else.)

The Lord's Still Good... @ Reflections from the Robyn's Nest (formerly The Lighthouse Letters)

Christmas Comfort @ Valerie Write Now

Good Character @ Kristy....

10 Qualities to Instill in the Hearts of Students @ The Pastor's Perspective

The Importance of Truthful Parenting @ The Better Mom

Passing Down a Goodly Heritage @ Reflections from the Robyn's Nest

Confessions of a Formerly Picky Eater @ Keeper of the Home (Great tips that I my daughter can use.)

Rewarding Ourselves @ Simplicity & Celebration

My Parents' Love @ Valerie Write Now

 Why a Child's Memory is Better Than Ours @ Steady Mom
(I do not follow this blog, but I read about this article somewhere else.)

Why Should We Care About Excellence? @ Encouraging Words

Woman to Woman: On Giving Advice @ The Pennington Point

Are You a Proactive Parent or a Reactive Parent @ Smockity Frocks

It's Just a Couch @ Money Saving Mom

Writing Notes @ Raising Olives

Never Let it Grow Old @ Reflections from the Robyn's Nest

Featured Blog of the Week:

My friend Laura has begun a brand-new blog called Tears and Blessings.  In her words, "Welcome to my Special Needs Mom Zone! An arena where you will witness a glimpse of the day to day living with a severely disabled child. Despite all the many years of hoping, praying, and around the clock therapists and specialists, some older children remain non-conversant nor able to function in society. This is the story of a family who loves a severely autistic child...this blog is dedicated to all the similar children and those who care for them. You just can't make this stuff up...WELCOME" 
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