Monday, June 27, 2011

Singleton Community Center, Bartlett, TN

My daughter and I visited the little playground located at the Singleton Community Center in Bartlett, TN.  It's located at 7266 Third Road.  I don't know what the Community Center is all about; perhaps I'll check it out the next time we visit this playground.

The thing I like best about this playground is that it's in the shade!  This would be the perfect playground to go to on a hot summer day!

As you can see, it's a small playground, but Gracie loved it!  She smiled the whole time we were there and didn't want to leave.

My daughter is very adventurous: she likes to climb on the larger play equipment!

I'm thankful that she did NOT want to try out this suspension bridge.

She did seem to want to slide on the bridge, though!

Here she is peeking through the little tunnel.  She thought it was funny that she saw me on the other side.

I had read that there were baby swings here, but apparently not.  That's the only drawback to this playground.

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