Saturday, June 23, 2012

Blog Post Roundup (6/23/12)

Blog Post Roundup

Here are a few posts I thought y'all might like to read.

Are You an Encouragement or a Discouragement? @ Frog's Lilypad

How to Encourage a Friend @ Living Life with the Loves

Friends @ Valerie Write Now

101 Blogging Ideas @ Apple Blue (You may see some of these from me from time to time!)

What Infertility Has Taught Me about Motherhood @ Joyful Mothering  (This post is not what you would expect from the title!)

8 Reasons Not to Leave @ Encouraging Words by Cary Schmidt

For Bloggers:  Why & How to Correctly Make Your Recipe Printable @ Confessions of an Overworked Mom  [Note: I do not follow this blog, so I don't know anything about her other posts.]

Summer Reading Tips @ A Good Book is a Good Friend (If you love to read and want to find out about good books for your children, read this blog!  She has also posted several reading lists for children.)
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