Friday, September 28, 2012

Butterfly Boo-Boo Pack

My daughter took a tumble tonight. Somehow, she practically did a somersault when getting out of the dining room chair and she landed on the floor on her back. She hit her head either on the chair or the floor. It didn't long for a giant goose egg to pop up on her forehead! I ran to the freezer and grabbed the first thing I could find, a half bag of frozen peas. My husband mentioned the ice pack that we have and he got that out of the freezer. It's a moldable ice pack, but too big and heavy for my daughter to use.

As soon as I could see that Gracie was doing ok ("I stopped crying, Mommy!"), I did a search for ice pack on Pinterest. I found several different recipes. I decided to do an experiment and try two different recipes (because I'm a geek like that), and I made up two different baggies. One baggie holds 3 tablespoons of rubbing alcohol and 5 tablespoons of water. The other baggie holds mostly dishwashing soap and some rubbing alcohol. Yes, I probably should have measured, but I didn't want to clean up a soapy measuring utensil. I stuck them in the freezer with the zipper side up so that they were sitting kind of in a tube shape.

Then I went searching for some sort of pretty fabric to use. Most of my fabric is in boxes either in the garage or in the loft above the garage (never-ending home renos are a hindrance in matters like this!). I remembered that I have a bag of "too small" items in Gracie's closet. I found a pair of purple butterfly tights from last winter that she maybe wore once. Actually, I don't think she wore them at all. We didn't have a winter last year; it was very mild the whole season.

I cut off the legs and stitched one end close. These tights are the footless kind (which I didn't know when I got them) so they already had a nice finished edge on the other end. I found some sticky no-sew velcro and put them in on the finished edge side. The baggies were not yet frozen, just barely cold, but I put them in the purple butterfly packs anyway. I let Gracie hold one and she enjoyed holding it against her goose egg.

She now has both of them while she's watching Dora. She says, "I want to watch Dora!" I say, "OK!" She thinks she's really getting away with something because she knows it's time for bed, but I want to keep her up later just to be on the safe side.

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  1. How cute! I'm glad she's okay. :)

  2. Poor Gracie. I'm glad she is ok.

    The ice pack was a super neat idea.
    Have a great day!