Saturday, April 13, 2013

How to Lock or Unlock Multiple Files on the iMac

I have not blogged about this, but I have recently gone semi-pro with my photography, obtaining a business license, and getting things set up to have a side business.  I had a photoshoot last week with a sweet, beautiful, fun little 14-month-old.

I am now in the process of editing her photos, and have to be very careful that I do not overwrite the original files.  I know that I can do a right-click on each file in Finder, select Get Info, and put a checkmark by Locked to lock the file so that it cannot be changed.  (For Windows people, you do something similar, but the term is Read Only rather than Locked.)  I took nearly 200 photos and really did not want to do that for each and every file (I'm so OCD that I want to do that for even the photos that should be deleted due to blinks or photobombs by my daughter).

I did a search for how to lock or unlock multiples files and found a great, easy solution:

First, select all of the files by doing Command-A.  (Hold down the Command key, press the A key, then release both.)  A is for All.

Secondly, do Command-Option-i (Hold down the Command key, hold down the Option key, press the i key, and release all keys.)  i is for Info. This box will show up.

If you want the files to be locked, put a checkmark by the word Locked.

You may then close the Info box.

When you look at the files in Finder, you will see a little padlock by the file to show that it is locked.

Even in a different view of the list of files, you will see the padlock.
That is my daughter Gracie.  I took her Spring Photos last week as well, but I have not yet edited them.  Yes, I know the hat doesn't match, but she likes it, and I like for photos to represent what Gracie is really like.

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