Friday, August 14, 2020

Easy Email Organization Idea for Book Reviewers

About a week or two ago, I came up with a way to organize the emails I get from Celebrate Lit for the books that I will be reviewing.  I thought I would share it with you in case it would be a help.

I use Thunderbird as my email program on my computer.  The following is my setup for Celebrate Lit:


Here is my "workflow" for handling the email:  As I go through my emails and find books that I'm interested in reviewing, I fill out the application form.  At the same time, I make a new subfolder under Applied and name it the title of the book.  All emails referring to that book goes into that folder.  When I receive my Welcome email with the date that my review is due, I rename the folder according to that due date (monthday to keep it in chronological order.....aaaaand I just realized I'll have to be extra careful when I have January/February due dates!), and I move the whole subfolder to the Pending folder.  I separated August's book reviews into a separate subfolder called This Month so that I can quickly see what's coming up next (which will actually take care of January/February -- whew!).  As I finish each book review, the whole subfolder goes to the xCompleted folder.  The x in front is my shortcut for "archived" which basically means, "You'll probably never need this again, but just in case, this is where it is."  The xMiscellaneous folder is for housekeeping-type emails from Celebrate Lit.

Bonus:  You now know what's coming up on the blog!  PS The Secret Sisters Club will feature a very special guest book reviewer!  Aunt Kris will surely enjoy that one! ;-)

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