Monday, July 4, 2011

A. E. Beatty Park, Bartlett, TN

A. E. Beatty Park is located at 7859 Memphis Arlington Road, Bartlett, TN.  It's a nice little park.  I had to go around the block before finding a place to park behind the fire station.  I'm not really sure if I was even allowed to park there, but nobody said anything.

The little lake is somewhat nice -- until you get up close and notice the green stuff floating in the water.

The playground is obviously not new, but it looks like they try to maintain it by keeping it painted.

Gracie's favorite thing is to climb!

It looks like a fun playset. This picture shows the playset that is geared more towards older children.

Gracie thought it was funny to walk under the playset.  Ah, to be little again!

This part of the playset is more suited for the younger crowd.

You can see swings in the distance.  Unfortunately, there are no baby swings.

My little climber!  I don't know where she gets that from.  ;-)
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