Saturday, April 14, 2012

I'm back!

I'm back!  Well, kinda.  I have a couple of posts nearly ready to publish, and a couple of ideas for posts.  I'm not sure when I'll really have time to get them in, but I thought give a little update on things around here.

I want to give a special "Thank you" to my friend Valerie of Valerie Write Now who remembered and acknowledged my one year "blogoversary" on Thursday, April 12th. She wrote about it on my Facebook Page and also shared my link with her Facebook friends and followers.  That made my day!  I  wanted to have a new post ready for my readers or at least pop in to say Hi, but I just didn't get to.

As usual, life is busy around here.  I have done quite a bit to get ready for my yard sale.  I have gone through all of the boxes that Robert brought into the garage and have priced everything designated for the yard sale.  Tentatively, I am scheduling the yard sale for Friday and Saturday, May 4th and 5th.  I'm hoping that Robert will bring me more boxes tomorrow so that I can continue getting things ready.  I won't have it until I've gone through everything (of my stuff).  Robert still has to go through all of his stuff (and the stuff that I've set aside for him to decide on).

Gracie is doing wonderfully.  Just today, she has FINALLY learned to say "Thank you" orally instead of signing it.  She's said it about 100 times just this evening.  We've been trying for months to get her to say it to no avail.  She has already said "Thanks!" which is acceptable, but when prompted to say "Thank you" has resorted to signing it.  She's cute when she does it, either way, though.  She's also learned how to pedal her tricycle.  Going outside is just about her favorite activity, whether it's going to the park (playground), playing in the backyard with the dogs, or riding one of her little vehicles down the street (sidewalk, I should say).

Gracie is also doing pretty well with the potty training.  This morning, she stayed dry and went potty twice.  I put her in a pullup for her nap and for when we went out to eat and window shopping (for a new washer and dryer).  I'm not yet to the point where I feel comfortable having her in her training panties when we're out and about.  I bought the Target brand pullups and I do not like them.  They leak when used at night.  I need to go and buy the Walmart brand which I think works better.  The price is comparable.  I'll still use the Target ones for naps and when we're away from home, but I'll use Walmart for nighttime use.

The next couple of months will continue to be busy.  We have friends coming in for a visit next week, we'll be going out of town for a family event, we hope to have that yard sale in early May, Gracie and I will be going to my nephew's graduation in May, the annual family reunion is in June, and a bunch of birthdays are in June (including my 40th <nooooooo!!!!!> and my husband's 49th - this will be the first year we've been in the same decade together).

Some of you already know this, but just in case you are interested in seeing additional photos and videos of our family (98% of them are of Gracie!), I have another blog that I use for that purpose:  Kinsey Family Blog  If you are Facebook friends with me, you already see most of the pictures.

I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend!
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  1. Glad your back!

    Yard sales are big work. I hope yours goes great.

    Happy Blog-i-versary!

    Have a great day!

  2. Welcome back!! :) So happy to hear I made your day, that made mine!