Monday, July 9, 2012

Organizing Tool: WorkFlowy

WorkFlowy is a new-to-me website that helps me to organize better.  I am quite the listmaker, and I'm very visual, so this is a great tool for me to use.

The lists can be collapsed so that items that are not relevant right now do not have to be seen.  You can tell which items have items below them by the colored circle (example: Tutorials, Learn to Shoot with Me, and Photography Related).

I actually found this website a few months ago, tried it out, and then quit using it.  I thought of it a couple of days ago, but couldn't remember the name of it.  Fortunately (and I don't remember exactly how) I was able to find it on my iPhone.  It does not have an app (though I think it should!), but it can easily be used on the browser.

I have been keeping this website open and it makes it very easy for me to type out things as I think of them.  For example, I thought of 14 ideas for blog posts on the new photography blog I just started recently.

Since I started this post a week or two ago, I have been using it more and more.  I have added lists for things to do in Memphis and Day Trip ideas.  It's very easy to crank out lists and arrange them.  If you click on a particular line item, it will open up a new page that shows only that line item and whatever is under it.

Try it and let me know how you like it!

Note:  I was not asked to do this review nor did I receive any compensation for it.  I enjoy sharing things that help me.
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