Friday, July 6, 2012

Potty Training Pants and Wet Bag

I started potty training Gracie several months ago. I have not always been very consistent with the training. There have been times due to our busy schedule or other things going on that I've been very relaxed about it. Despite that, Gracie has made progress. To date, she can go potty all by herself (though I do supervise).  In fact, she likes to order me, "Out! Out!" so she can do everything herself!  She only needs help when she goes #2 (or rather I insist on helping her because I want to make sure she gets cleaned properly. It's only been very recently that she has gone #2 on the potty with any consistency; now, she will go in the potty most of the time!

A few months back, I saw a tutorial for altering cloth training pants to make them thicker and prettier (see the Pinterest link at the bottom of this post).  This was right at the beginning of potty training, so the timing was perfect.  I purchased nine Gerber cloth training pants from Target, some of the pretty PUL fabric, and some flannel.  They were very easy to make.  One change I made from the tutorial was to stitch the flannel ayers together before stitching it to the panties.  I had enough PUL left over to put into a wet bag for her training panties.  I used another tutorial which was for making a zipper make-up bag.  My only change was to have the zipper at the top of the bag instead of on the front.  It didn't turn out perfect, but good enough.  The tutorial was a LITTLE confusing; in fact, I had to click on some other links in her tutorial to be able to understand how to do it fully.

Gracie really likes the new pretty panties.  When I first used them, she did NOT like it when she peed in them (that was kind of the whole idea!).  Now, if she's busy, she'll wet them and not think a thing about it.  Sometimes I will let her wear them over her pullups when I don't want to deal with wet drawers.  My favorite Pullups are the Pampers brand.  I think they're Pampers.  They're the ones with Dora the Explorer on the front.  Gracie puts them on backwards, because she likes to have Boots on the front.  Doesn't make any difference to me whatsoever.  Anyway, they are MUCH easier to put on and take off than either White Cloud or Target brand.  I didn't like Target brand because I find they leak much more easily.  The Dora pullups are a little more expensive, but worth it to me.  I haven't tried any other brands.


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