Friday, June 12, 2020

80+ Alternatives to the Traditional Book Report

Last fall, our Language Arts curriculum had an assignment for a traditional book report.  Gracie hated it.  If it were just for that reason, I probably would not have decided to forego traditional book reports, but, to be honest, I don't see a whole lot of value in them.  We, as adults, do not write book reports.  Even if we do book reviews for Amazon or GoodReads, it is best NOT to do them book report style (Here's a great article telling why and how.).

Yes, I want Gracie to read on purpose, but I want it to be an enjoyable, rich experience, not one burdened down with a dull writing assignment.  Let's be honest, only book nerds like me would even enjoy that kind of thing (at least a little).  Gracie is definitely not a book nerd.  <sigh>

I do like the idea of doing some kind of project to go along with assigned independent reading, so I spent an evening or two scouring the internet for alternatives to traditional book reports.  I was happy to find a wide variety of types of projects -- from video-style to hands-on, both of which Gracie will enjoy.

I am making this document available to you:

Several of the ideas have "See Pinterest" typed by it simply because the description would have been too long.  You can go to my Pinterest Board to view the links.

Do you have any ideas that are not in my list?  Let me know by dropping a comment below.  Happy Reading!
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