Saturday, June 13, 2020

Life Hack: Fridge Water and Air Filters

Our fridge has been complaining about needing a new water filter and air filter for several months, and it finally went on strike a few weeks ago, refusing to give us water or ice out of the dispensers.  The nerve!

My husband had to go to Home Depot to get things for another project (installing our new dishwasher which the men could not install because of our copper connections - store policy or some other such thing), so I asked him about getting the filters.  I knew I had recorded the numbers somewhere on my phone -- but was it this phone or my previous phone?  Before I could attempt to find it, my husband showed where I had written the numbers on the back of one of the removable shelves.  "Brilliant!" I said, "I don't even remember doing that!"  He tried to pass it off as HIS handwriting, but we all know better than that.
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