Friday, September 30, 2011

Our New Little Girl

 This is a picture of Ana Ruth, our new little girl that we are sponsoring through a program from Final Frontiers called Touch a Life.  She lives in Honduras in a town whose name means "singing frogs."

Ana Ruth is five years (will be six in December) and is destitute.  She has an older sister, Cesia (who is not yet sponsored by anyone), and an older brother Humberto (who is sponsored).  They are pictured below.  The picture of Humberto (which was taken some five or six years ago) also shows their grandfather.  Their parents left some time ago, and they live with their grandparents.

Sponsoring Ana Ruth will help provide food and clothing for her and, hopefully, the opportunity to get some schooling.  When she goes for her daily meal, she learns Bible stories and songs.  She has already trusted Jesus as her Saviour!  That is a big blessing!

I have a large printout of this picture and have put it in a frame.  Robert has hung it on our living room wall with our other family pictures.

We will be able to receive letters from Ana Ruth on a regular basis, as well as pictures.  I am excited about cultivating a relationship with her as we write back and forth.  Please pray along with me that God will bless her and use her for His Glory as she grows up.

UPDATE: Robert decided that we will sponsor BOTH Ana Ruth and Cesia!  I bought a matching photo frame which is waiting for a picture of Cesia and to be hung by Ana Ruth's picture.
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  1. What a wonderful blessing you and your husband must be to these two beautiful little girls. :-) Thanks for sharing this.