Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Toddler Busy Bag: Sponge Blocks

This is a super activity that's a lot of fun for toddlers and offers several teaching opportunities.  It's also very simple to make!

 I bought a package of 6 "regular" sponges at Target for about $2.39.  I later found a package of 10 "foam" type sponges at Dollar Tree for $1!  I wound up using both for textural differences as well as more color options.  Simply cut in fourths the long way.

 Gracie liked holding the sponge blocks as I was cutting them apart, but was also distracted by the pool noodle (used in Monday's Toddler Busy Bag:  Noodles on a Rope).

Once they were all cut out, I separated them into different piles for working on color recognition.  Gracie enjoyed manipulating them more than anything.  When I tried to build a tower, she thought it was great fun to knock it down!

Like most toddlers, her attention span is a little short.  Now it's time to play with Talking Tom on the iPhone.

Additional Educational Activities:  practice counting, practice matching the ones that are the same, practice stacking and building a tower, and practice manipulating by putting in the bag and taking out.

I have an extra set of sponge blocks that I will use in a giveaway soon!

WARNING:  This Busy Bag activity is considered to be a choking hazard, so parental supervision is a necessity! Remember, anything that can pass through a toilet paper roll is a choking hazard for little ones.
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