Monday, October 17, 2011

Blog Post Roundup (10/16/11)

Irritable Mom Syndrome, Part 2

Are Your Photos Really Safe? -- get a free ebook

Spiritual Weapons for Wayward Kids

Life's Little Lessons

When Good Ideas Get in Your Way

The Holocaust and Abortion  (180 Project) -- This video is about 33 minutes long

Teaching Our Daughters to Do Their Husbands Good NOW

3 Reasons to Get Good Advice (I think I tend to put most, if not all, of Bro. Cary Schmidt's posts in my Blog Post Roundup.  Go ahead and subscribe!)

Habits of Fruitful Soulwinners (same with Pastor Paul Chappell's posts; go ahead and subscribe!)

Celebrate Their Differences -- Article about loving your children as individuals

15 Ways to Affirm Your Kids

The Other Side of Me -- Walking Through the Dark
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