Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Repost: Accidental Keeper Recipe

Saturday night, I invented a recipe on the fly that made Robert say, "Wow, this is GREAT! What recipe book did you get this out of?" and "This is a keeper for sure!"

I didn't really set out to make up a recipe. I was hungry, so I started to make cheese toast using pepperjack cheese (very yummy!). There were three pieces of cheese so I asked Robert if he wanted some. (Fortunately for me, he wasn't as hungry as I was and he only wanted one cheese toast.) Then I decided it would be nice to have tomato soup. I have several cans of tomato soup on hand. I opened one up, poured it into the pot, and opened up the fridge to get the milk (I like it with milk, not water). While in the fridge, I noticed an open can of hot dog chili (Walmart Great Value kind) and thought, "Well, that needs to be used up, so I'll put it in with the soup. Maybe it'll taste alright." Robert absolutely loved it! I didn't mind it myself. It's funny because I don't like Great Value brand of hot dog chili at all. I think it ruins a perfectly good hot dog. It was the only one I saw, though, and I needed it for another recipe from Thursday. So I guess now, I will pick up a couple cans of that hot dog chili and that will be a quick and easy backup supper. Cheap, too.

This is a repost from my personal blog, Kinsey Family Blog.
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