Saturday, January 21, 2012

DIY Canvas Art, the latest

I told you before about doing some canvas art for Christmas presents.

I gave several relatives the pictures of my Grandpa and Grandma. The one of Grandpa was taken last summer. He is sitting on a chair that belonged to his grandfather. The one of Grandma was taken about three years ago and is the latest nicest picture I have of her (before Alzheimer's started its decline). For my relatives' photos, I painted the edges of the canvas a medium brown that sorta matched the house siding. It really made it look a lot better than the ones I have.

The other picture is of Gracie and her two cousins whom we saw briefly at their house last October. I painted the edges of the canvas pink which kind of matches Gracie's and Rynn's outfits. I wish that could have been a better match but it didn't turn out too bad. For now this picture is at Gracie's eye level in the living room so that she can often remember the fun times with her cousins. My sister-in-law took this photo, and I edited it in Photoshop Elements (my first "real" edit).

This is the third post about DIY Canvas Art.
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Photo taken with iPhone and zoomed in.  Sorry for the poor quality!  I was on bed rest and couldn't get any closer.
Photo taken with iPhone.
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