Friday, January 20, 2012

Gracie's First Post


Not sure how she did this, but you can imagine my surprise when I found this post on Google Reader!

I guess she wanted to send a smile your way.

This is a good time to post an update on things around here.

We went to IL for Kinsey Christmas and had a great time with the in-laws.

This morning I had surgery on my foot, removing a ganglion cyst. I'm on bed rest for the next 48 hours and house arrest (no driving) for 10 days. The surgery went fine. Robert took the day off so he could take me to the doctor and care for Gracie. Gracie didn't like leaving me there, cried most of the time. I'm sitting on the couch (recliner), Robert is asleep by me, and Gracie (who should be asleep but I can't or shouldn't put her in the crib). I took a pain pill which is making me drowsy.

My Grandma was taken by ambulance to the hospital late last night. She was having trouble breathing and her heartbeat was irregular. She is on a ventilator and will be there for several days until she is stabilized.

I will try to blog more while I'm on house arrest. It all depends on Gracie.
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  1. Sorry to hear about your foot. It's hard when mama has to be down. I hope you are better soon. I hope your grandma's health improves soon too.

  2. I wondered about the "J" post! lol! I thought it was a mishap with Blogger or something! :) Praying for you to heal quickly!! ♥