Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rainbow Drops

 Gracie, like me, takes a little while to wake up in the mornings.  Most of the time, after she wakes up and I get her out of bed, I take her into the living room and we'll sit on the couch and watch TV until she's wide awake and raring to go.  This morning, we watched the Sprout channel.  The hostess was doing a fun art activity with Chica where they were dropping colored water into a pan of colored water, making neat designs.  I asked Gracie if she wanted to do that and she said, somewhat hesitantly, "please."

I could tell that either the liquid in the baking dish they used or the colored water was oil-based since the two liquids were not really mixing all that much.  This is what we wound up doing:  I poured vegetable oil into the baking dish, just enough for a thin layer.  I then poured water into eight condiment cups (which I bought to use to feed Gracie baby food when she was very small) and dropped food coloring into each, roughly the colors of the rainbow.  I put the cups onto a tray along with some plastic spoons, mostly to make it easier to carry all of them to the table, but it also helped to give them a "home" so that Gracie wouldn't put them all over the place risking spills.

Gracie really enjoyed this activity!  I'm glad I took the time to be spontaneous and do an activity that was fun for both of us to do together!

Starting out, she's intrigued by the setup!


This is supposed to be a video.  Hope it shows up!

She was having fun!

So intent!

Busy at it!

After a while, the colors did run together.

It's fun to dump the whole thing in, too!
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