Thursday, August 25, 2011

Blog Post Roundup (8/25/11)

Yeehaw! Here's the latest Blog Post Roundup!

How to Use Google Reader in Real Format -- This allows you to use Google Reader for your blog reading and be able to see the whole web page!

Free Water! --  My friend Valerie posts about their church giving out free ice water and the opportunity to get free Living Water at the Watermelon Festival in their town.

Adding a "Like" Box to Your Site -- The directions didn't exactly work for me, but I did find where I could do it.

How We Keep Our Marriage Fresh -- Fun and practical ideas.

Questions to Ask When Criticized -- Pastor Paul Chappel shares some questions to ask when you or your loved ones are being criticized.

Say "Hey!" If You Love Andy -- A missionary friend of mine visits the real Mayberry with her family.

Lesson Learned From the Sneetches -- Using books to teach character lessons. Oh, and Mom learns a few things as well!

We Are "Uninsured" and We Like it That Way -- I can also recommend Samaritan Ministries.  My former pastor has used it for a number of years.

5 Things Every Homeschool Mom Should Carry in Her Purse -- Please note:  Bible verses are not KJB.

The Child Who Delights in Another's Discipline -- My pastor mentioned this negative negative situation that exists among adults as well tonight in church while teaching about the Proud.

How to Insert a PDF into a Post or Page -- This is for WordPress users.  I googled and found the following for Blogspot users:  Embed PDF File into Post

Honoring Our Husbands -- My friend Lori writes about a particular trend in women speaking about their husbands.

5 Highly Effective Habits Homemakers Have To Keep A Clean House -- I liked the OHIO method.

A Girl's First Domestic Domain -- Training your daughter how to keep a clean room.

Create a Custom Facebook Username -- I'm pretty certain that your page has to have a minimum number of people liking it before it becomes eligible.

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