Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Young Picasso or How to Remove Crayon Marks from the Wall

My 18-month-old daughter loves to play with crayons. When she "decorated" my wall (for the first time, hopefully the last), I was actually in the same room with her, but my attention was diverted elsewhere.  It sure didn't take her long to produce this masterpiece.  I quickly sent out a "HeyYou" on Facebook:  Quick - does anyone know how to get crayon off the wall?  I googled the same question and found a number of things that are supposed to work.  One is Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser. I don't have any of those, though I will by tomorrow!  I tried what I had on hand, dishwashing liquid, Zout, and finally Lestoil.

Lestoil is a grease remover.  I learned about it from a blog that I no longer follow.  I've used it to remove stains from clothing, though it doesn't always work.  With a little bit of elbow grease to go along, the crayon marks came right up.

I also tried baby wipes, and they worked, but I had to use a lot more elbow grease.
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