Monday, August 22, 2011

My Home = Fit to be Featured in a Magazine?

Have you ever thought about what kind of magazine would feature your home? Maybe Better Homes and Gardens or Country Living? If you're like me, you're thinking, "Umm, yeah, right!"

I tend to look at the perfectly-arranged display of trendy furniture and oh-so-vogue accessories, and think, "Do people really live like that?" I know that 95% of the featured photos have been worked over and staged just-so by professional decorators and photographers. After all, they're getting paid to produce something to support the accompanying article.

I read a number of blogs, some of which focus on organizing the home (one of my interests). I'm amused by some of the blog writers (one in particular) who use the same exact photos of her picture-perfect rooms over and over in her posts. I guess it's easier to do that than to restage another shot.

All of us, as keepers of our homes, desire (though maybe not openly or even consciously) to have a lovely, home, and even would love to know what it's like to have a magazine-worthy home.

Instead, we may have some of the following hindrances....

A lovely leather bench that has the top removed and toys and paraphernalia piled within...
But that's OK, because it means that God has blessed us with material things that we can use, love, and enjoy!

Shoes in odd places all over the house due to the shoe-loving girly girl...
 But that's OK, because it means that God provides us with our needs!

A dining room table that almost never stays clear of projects, receipts, purses (both Mama and daughter's), and other sundry items...
But that's OK, because it means that we are busy and industrious rather than lazy and unproductive (OK, well, most of the time!).

Artwork that probably is not in style but is loved nonetheless for happy memories of the grandmother who originally owned it...
But that's OK, because "the memory of the just is blessed."

Mismatched furniture in the living room...
But that's OK, because it means that we are able to be comfortable and enjoy our company together.

Overflowing food and cooking stuff in the small kitchen that also doubles as the laundry room...
But that's OK, because it means again that God has showered many blessings of abundance upon us, and we do not struggle for our daily living as others do.

Books stacked in all sorts of places...
But that's OK, because it means a sound academic foundation is being laid for our daughter.

A towel in front of the water cooler to help catch the spills of a zealous toddler....
But that's OK, because we have a servant in training who takes pleasure in getting water for Mama and Daddy.

Mending laying in wait (and wait, and wait, and wait) on the sewing machine...
But that's OK, because it means that God has given the skills to do it so that we do not have to pay someone else or waste otherwise good clothing.

Best of all, we have not a house, but a HOME.  I love this Amish proverb that I recently read:  Love, peace and happiness in the home are infinitely more than honor, fame and wealth.

Just as a funny, I read this cartoon blog post that goes along with my post:  A REAL House Tour with Amber of  C***** Pictures

[Just as a warning, you may find some objectional content/language should you decide to look at her blog further.  She does seem to capture life with toddlers quite well, though!]
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  1. This was so sweet and made me feel so much better! :)

  2. I admire your honesty in your blog post and you encouraged me so much today....thanks for this blog post!

  3. I loved this! :) Thank you!!!

    Rachel Adra