Friday, August 19, 2011

Recommended: Christian Womanhood magazine

Latest Update (1/26/13): Christian Womanhood magazine is now being published by Roundup Ministries (The Walker Family).  It is available in digital form only for $10 per year.  I have seen the sample issue, and it is excellent!  I will be (re-)subscribing soon and look forward to continuing to read this wonderful magazine.

Latest Update (10/25/12):  Unfortunately, Christian Womanhood has sent out its last issue and will no longer be publishing.  If you have a subscription, please go to this link.

I've been a subscriber to the Christian Womanhood magazine for over ten years.  It is my most favorite magazine.  When it comes in the mailbox, I (usually) make a point of reading it cover to cover the same day.

Mrs. Cindy Schaap (former editor), pastor's wife of the First Baptist Church of Hammond, IN,  became the editor after founding editor Mrs. Marlene Evans went to Heaven about eleven years ago.  She did a great job with the magazine and made a lot of improvements, making it modern and fresh while staying true to their mission of "Teaching Women Biblical Principles."

There are a variety of different articles:  Christian living, For Mothers, For Wives, Soulwinning stories, recipes, funny children anecdotes, and For Teen Girls, just to name a few.  There's something for each member of the family to enjoy!

Outdated Information: The subscription has gone up in price ($29.95 a year), but they have added several pages to each issue.  The cost is well worth the wisdom gleaned from its pages.  I have kept all of the issues since 2004, so that I can refer back to them.  I have given subscriptions as gifts to people -- and they have actually renewed before I had a chance to renew for them!
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