Saturday, December 3, 2011

Blog Post Roundup (12/3/2011)

Here are a few blog posts that I found particularly noteworthy to pass along.

By the way, I do not post the things that I "pin" on Pinterest.  You'll need to view my pins to see those things.  Better yet, Follow Me on Pinterest!

My Prayer Journal

21 Days to a More Disciplined Life

The Thanksgiving Box

Give Thanks to the Lord. He is Good.

One Turkey Thank-You

Lord, Thank You

Teaching Our Children Gratitude

Whose Campaign is This?

Thirsty?  I Have Good News

When You Feel Like Giving Up

10 Ways to Make Pinterest Useful

Sound Advice

A Free Christmas Gift for Each of You

Developing and Feeding Our Children's Appetites

Over and Over (and over) Again

Santa....or Not??

How to Win Your Child to Christ

Insecurities Hinder Friendship
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  1. Ava, You are so kind. I appreciate your blogging friendship. :-)

  2. I enjoy reading your posts, Laurie!