Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Fun

Gracie hands me a Jingled treat bag.
In some ways, this has been somewhat of a difficult month.  I've had lots of ideas and plans of things to do for the Christmas season and was not able to do many of them.

However, Gracie and I have done some fun things.

One thing we did was "Jingle" the neighbors with a treat bag containing microwave popcorn covered with a decorative wrapper that said something like "Popping in to wish you a Merry Christmas" and the printable that you see in the picture.  We took a walk (OK, I took a walk and Gracie rode in her wagon) around the block and gave out four.  I wish now I'd done 10 or at least most of a box of microwave popcorn.  That'll be for next year.  I haven't looked in the past few days to see if more neighbors have been jingled (the idea is for neighbors to jingle additional neighbors - kind of a snowball effect of Christmas cheer throughout the neighborhood).  A few days ago I didn't even see where any of the four posted their Been Jingled poster.

I made this felt Christmas tree activity.  The idea was modified from a Pinterest find.  I put the tree on a background and added the rope for hanging.  I knew that using Command hooks would not last long with my toddler.

This was VERY easy to make.  I cut out the background to the size I wanted it, put the green felt (which is sparkly - gotta love that!) on top and cut away that which was not a tree, did the same with brown felt for the trunk, and sewed the pieces onto the background.  Lastly, I folded the top and bottom to make a tube for the wooden dowels (for stability) and the rope.

I used the templates that the author of the pin used to make the colored ornaments and the star.  I plan on adding felt presents as well.

In all honesty, Gracie likes taking the ornaments OFF the tree better than putting them on.  She also stuffed the felt ornaments in her doll stroller and pushed them into the dining room (by my computer chair, in fact).  I think next year she will like it better.

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