Friday, December 16, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like......


I love Christmas!  I love all the decorations, both inside and outside, the yummy treats we get to indulge in, shopping for loved ones, even addressing Christmas cards!

Part of the fun is trying to come up with creative ideas for gifts for different people.

One thing I am doing this year is making the DIY Canvas Art that I blogged about last August.  In addition to the picture of Grandpa, I am doing a picture of my Grandma as well.  This picture is several years old, but is the last "good" picture I have of her.

On thing I am doing differently is I am painting the edges of the canvas.  I really like the results.

Painting the edges of the canvas.  They are sitting on canned goods so as to not mess up the table.
 I haven't take a picture of the final results just yet.  I'll add that in AFTER Christmas (Can't spoil everybody's surprise!)

Teenagers are somewhat difficult to buy for.  My nephew and niece are no exception.  We are, in effect, giving them cash for Christmas, but I have found a couple of great ways to be creative in the presentation.

For my niece, who enjoys taking photographs, I made a shadow box bank in which she can put money to save up for a dSLR camera.  I got this idea from a blog that I read, and I pinned it on Pinterest.

For my nephew, I was also going to do a shadow box, but the store only had ONE.  I went to my backup plan which was of folding his money into an origami shirt and tie, also found on Pinterest.  I was trying to figure out how I was going to find a small box to put it in when I got a great idea:  go ahead and put it in a big box just as if it's a real shirt and tie!  So, I've got this tiny shirt and tie in this big ole box.  I love pranking my nephew.  I'll have to tell y'all about the Cinderella gift card I gave him several years ago.

How about you?  Any creative ideas for gifts or gift containers?  How about pranks?  What's your favorite prank you've pulled?

As of today (12-20-11), I've had the shadow box pinned over 1,500 times!  Wow!  Thanks for pinning me!

Update (2-16-12), my shadow box has been pinned over 11,500 times!!

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  1. Oh, I love your ideas! I've never pranked anyone at Christmas, but you've got my wheels turning now..heehee!

  2. My brother gave me a gift card one christmas but instead of putting the gift card in the correct space of the gift box he taped it to the lid and covered it without foil (making it appear empty). To make matters worse he had placed the gift card box inside a cheese-it box ( to make it appear bigger) then duck tapped the ENTIRE cheese-it box before gift wrapping it. Boy did it take forever open.

  3. That's really funny, Anonymous! I'll have to keep that in mind for this year. My nephew is in college; it could also be disguised as a care package, an empty care package!