Monday, December 12, 2011

Chopped Pizza Muffins

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I came across this pin for Chopped Pizza Muffins and thought they looked so yummy!  Of course, anything with pizza in the title is going to deserve a closer look!

This was super easy to make.  All you need is a can of refrigerated jumbo biscuits, some shredded cheese, and your choice of pizza toppings.  I used pepperoni, onion, green pepper, and red pepper.

The original recipe said to put your toppings on top of a biscuit and chop them up, then divide between two muffin wells.  This didn't work out so well for me (could be because I have knives that are not very sharp).  So I chopped up everything and put them in a medium bowl and mixed by hand (literally - I used my hands to mix them up.).  Then I put them in my muffin tins.  This actually filled 18 muffin wells rather than 16 (there were 8 biscuits in the can).  I then sprinkled cheese on top.

This turned out very good!  Robert really liked it.  He even said, "You should keep these in mind for a church function."  I liked them, too, although I think I put too MUCH toppings.  The ratio was definitely off in terms of biscuits to toppings.  The other thing is that I think it could've benefited from some extra seasoning like Italian seasoning.  I will probably try that next time.

UPDATE:  Not two days after I made this, I found out we were having an after-church fellowship the following Sunday to celebrate our Pastor and his family being at our church for five years. I intended to make two batches, but only had time to make one (I took a MUCH-needed nap that afternoon and chopping took longer than expected).  Several people came up to me and asked me what was in it.  By the time, I got to them on the food table (we went last), there was only one left.  It was well-received!  One person came back to me and said they were good.

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