Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Heart Remembers by Kim Vogel Sawyer

This is a beautiful story about two sisters and a brother who became orphaned and separated from each other as young children. The oldest, Maelle Gallagher, becomes a rather eccentric apprentice to a traveling photographer and has her name changed to the unconventional Mike Watts. The middle child was taken in by a couple who had lost their son the previous year. During a rough financial time a couple of years later, they put him in an orphanage, and he was then sent to live with a cruel rancher. He ran away and changed his name to Matthew Tucker. The youngest, Molly, was reared as the daughter of a wealthy railroad tycoon and had no knowledge of her birth family until her foster parents died and the man she thought was her brother kicked her out of the only home she knew.

How their lives differed and how their lives eventually reintersected is a beautiful picture of God's grace and demonstrates His directing in people's lives.

I read this book (in paperback) a couple of years ago, loved it, loaned it to my SIL who also loved it. It showed up as a free book on Kindle a while back. I read it again and loved it just as much. I highly recommend this book!
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