Saturday, February 25, 2012

Blog Post Roundup 2/25/12 and Book Review

Here are this week's reading recommendations.

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Book Review

Candle in the Darkness by Lynn Austin

This was a great book!  The main character Caroline is a young lady from Virginia whose family owns slaves.  Through different events that occur, she becomes anti-slavery and supports the Union in the Civil War.  She even has the opportunity to spy for the Union even though her fiance Charles is a Rebel soldier.  In the story, she doubts what good is she is doing by spying because the war lasts so long.  All she wanted to do was end the war so that her slaves (whom she loves like family) could go free and so that she and Charles could be married.  One of her daddy's slaves, Eli, is a very wise man who helps her see God's point of view.

I absolutely did not want to stop reading this book.  I stayed up until about 2:30 reading it and only went to bed because I needed the sleep!  I did not necessarily learn anything new about the Civil War (except maybe for certain military details), but I really enjoyed the story.  I want to finish the series, even though I don't think Caroline will play an important role in either of the later books.  I would love to see some sort of sequel featuring Caroline and Charles.
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