Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Gracie helped me make a Valentine for her daddy.  She did a great job (for a two-year-old) holding her hand still while I traced it with a pencil.  Daddy LOVED this Valentine and said he was going to put it in his special memories cabinet.

I got the idea from this project from Pinterest (see Source Link and photo at the bottom of this post).

The colors are kinda wonky in these pictures, I guess from the not-great lighting and shadows (taken with my phone).  I used a light pink cardstock and outlined with a red Sharpie.  I used white cardstock for the accordion strip in the middle.

Original Source:
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  1. LOVE it Ava... and I love the picture of her! <3

  2. SO cute!

    Happy Valentine's Day!!!