Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fun with Pipe Cleaners

Don't you just love Pinterest?  I found this toddler activity on two different pins (see Original Sources at the bottom of this post).

Gracie really enjoys playing with them.  I keep the pipecleaners in a rather large plastic bin much like in the picture of the second pin.  I also keep my collapsible colander nearby as well.  I don't use it very often, so I don't mind washing it the next time I need to use it.  Tonight was the first time she put both ends of one pipecleaner in the holes (she was copying me).

And speaking of copying.......we went to Storytime today at the Booksellers bookstore (formerly Davis-Kidd) and Mrs. Marjorie gave everyone a Valentine project in a red envelope.  Basically two foam stickers to stick on a rectangular piece of foam.  Later, after Robert came home, I gave it to her again when she was sitting at the table.  She took the envelope, licked it, and closed it.  Now, I know you're thinking "so what?" but I don't really remember licking any envelopes in front of her and certainly not recently.  It's just amazing to me what and how much kids soak up!

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