Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day 4 of Potty Training

Tuesday was a GREAT day....until nap time. Gracie stayed dry the whole morning! I was so impressed! I put a pullup on her (I do not like the plastic covered panties.). Unfortunately, she took it off and wet the bed. I was not happy. When I hear "poopoo" over the monitor, I know I better check up on her.

Wednesday, we had an appointment and made a run to Walmart, so I put her in a pullup. I had nursery Wednesday night at church. I used a pullup then, too. She announced "pah-ee" but she had already gone. I really need to get her to announce BEFORE she goes.

Last night, after sleeping about 11 hours and being woke up, she was dry! I was so surprised and pleased. She did not want to go potty; in fact she kinda acted like she was trying to hold it in. I don't understand that. She did go, though! We had a pretty full day: doctor's appointment, ladies prayer group, and lunch with the ladies. We went to Steak 'n Shake and I had a Chipotle Burger which was SOOOO good!!

Overall, I can see where she is making progress. I'm not being too militant about the training. It's unrealistic to stay home ALL the time. I don't think it will take her much longer to be fully trained for daytime. We will probably put her in a toddler bed this summer (her bed will convert), and that should help with nighttime training.

I found the following idea for converting the Gerber training pants by adding flannel to the inside and PUL (laminate material) to the outside.  I hope I can do this, then I can not buy any more Pullups.

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