Monday, February 20, 2012

Let the Potty Training Begin!

Several weeks ago, I decided that Gracie and I are now ready for the next milestone:  potty training!  I wanted to use up my supply of diapers (I hate to waste good money!) and also be able to clear my schedule as much as possible so that I can be home all day long during the training time.

I will be beginning Potty Training on Monday, February 20th.  My schedule is totally free on Monday and Tuesday.  I have an early appointment on Wednesday, Wednesday night is church (I am scheduled for nursery duty -- that is a happy coincidence.), Thursday is ladies prayer group, and I have another appointment that day as well.

I already have a potty chair (see above link) that I bought last summer.  She has used it several times in the last few months.  In the last few weeks, she has said, "I wan' pa-ee" ("I want to potty."), and I've taken her to the potty.  I think she likes the novelty of sitting there and reading books more than anything because she hasn't actually gone potty.  In the last couple of weeks, when I've caught her going poop in her diaper, I've asked her, "Do you want to go poop on the potty?" and she indicated some interest.  So far, she has pooped in the potty four times!  She has also pooped in her diaper a few times, but I'm happy with the progress.  My favorite tip is to use coffee filters in the potty chair to catch the poop.  Best tip ever!  Dump the poop in the adult toilet, dispose of the coffee filter, and wipe the potty chair with a cleaning wipe.  Done.

Also several months ago, I found a toy potty chair for dolls at Target.  She enjoyed playing with it for a while.  It's been out-of-sight for a couple of months (not intentional at first).  I'm saving it for next week, so we can do some pretend with her babies.

In preparation, I also bought a potty ring to put on our big toilets.  Even though the potty chair comes with a removable ring that can be used on adult toilets, it doesn't fit our elongated toilets.  I let Gracie choose which one she wanted, and she chose Pooh Bear.  I'm glad I have it because I can take it with me if I'm going to be out and about for long periods of time (plus it'll be more sanitary for her. Public toilets are so gross!).  I keep this potty ring in the small hall bathroom.  The potty chair is in the master bathroom which has more room.

I asked for potty training tips on Facebook and got a lot of great ideas.  I was unsure as to whether or not I should use pullups at all.  I had already bought a box (that also came with a pretty much useless potty training DVD and a potty reminder watch which I don't even know where it is at the moment) several months ago.  (I'm a planner and I like to be prepared!)  Based on the great Mama tips, I decided to get the Gerber Training Pants (plain white) for daytime use and the Gerber Training Pants with waterproof cover (for girls) for nighttime and out-of-the-house use.

Once she is sufficiently trained, I will give her big girl panties (which I already have and she has already seen) for a big reward.

I also plan on using a chart and stickers for rewards for staying dry and making it to the potty.

I've read several books and articles on potty training, and the one listed below (Potty Training in Three Days by Lois Kleint) is the main method I'm using

I'm somewhat nervous about this new stage of her life, but I'm excited, too.  I do think she is ready; I just hope we can both have a successful time of it.

If I remember and have time, I will give updates on our progress.
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