Saturday, November 12, 2011

Blog Post Roundup (11/12/2011)

Hello Everyone!  I've been somewhat MIA for the last few weeks.  Most of my posts have been scheduled posts that I actually wrote awhile back.  We've been rather busy.  I have a few new posts coming that have to do with some projects I've been working on. (Update:  This was supposed to go out last week, but I didn't get a chance to put more than a few links.)

Here are some of the posts I've been "starring" on Google Reader so that I can share with you.


One Blogger's Confession about Blogs

Kneeling and Healing

Be Faithful

Why Children Should Not Be Forced to Share

Funny Baby Videos Go Viral

The Christian Lady's Survival Kit

Three Little Words That Lift

11 Ways to Teach Your Children to be Diligent Workers

Children, Chores, Money, and More!

Finding Your Creative Side!

Stewarding Time with Wisdom

What About the Child Who Grabs the Toy?
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