Sunday, November 20, 2011

Blogger Tip: Fixing Truncated Posts in Google Reader

Full Disclosure:  I'm disguising this pet peeve of mine as a blogger tip.

I use Google Reader to read all of the blogs I follow (UPDATE: I no longer use Google Reader.  Here is why.).  It's a fantastic time-saver.  It allows me to go from one blog post to another from all of the blogs quite easily.  Most of the blogs have their settings set up so that I can read the entire blog post and view all of the images on the blog post.  Others, however, have their settings set up (most of the time, unknowingly, I think) so that I see only the first part of their blog post and NONE of the images.  In order to see the entire blog post, I have to go directly to their site, usually after "starring" it to look at later.  This adds unnecessary time to blog reading.  I have contacted a few of the blog owners and kindly let them know of the problem AND the solution (for those who use Blogger as their host).  I have no idea what to do for WordPress people.  (I guess I could google it!  Here's a possible solution.)

For Blogger users, you need to do the following:

While in your Dashboard, click on Settings.  Then, click on Site Feed.
At the top where it says "Allow Blog Feeds," make sure the drop-down menu says "Full."

This will take care of the problem, and your readers who use Google Reader (or other RSS Feeds) will be much happier.
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  1. I checked mine, it was on "full". My dashboard is the new one though, so it looks quite different from the screen shot. Thanks for the tip!